Quick trip to Florida

I took a mini vacation to Florida to visit a good friend and attend a wedding. This was my first trip to Florida so I was given a little tour.

It was in the Tampa Bay area where quite a lot happens. They have restaurants of every kind imaginable too.

My friend Kevin who owns a roofing company called Constructomax. He was just finishing a re-roof in Tampa he did on an Indian restaurant and they were so thrilled that they said he could eat there free the next time he wanted to eat there.

Since he knew my affection for Indian cuisine obviously we invited me to come. How could I refuse?

My first impression wasn’t that great. The outside of the building looked aged and had that typical Florida look. I was glad the roof was new but thought they could make the rest look a little better perhaps.

Upon entering though I realized they like to invest on the inner decorations more. It definitely had that native Indian feel to it. I felt at home. Well New York City home.

We were seated and ordered our drinks. The menu had the typical items with a few unknown dishes that were likely native to the area they were in.

I decided to stick with the staple and test the authenticity of it. Chicken and curry.

I was thoroughly impressed. It was full of flavor and made my mouth warm without executing my tastebuds. The chicken was definitely cooked fresh since it didn’t have that rubbery feel.

They may have been trying to impress my friend Kevin but I didn’t mind.

I can’t wait to visit again and try other dishes at this place.


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