I Love Indian Food

I love Indian food. They have a certain style and smells. I also love the fact that they have been making this food for generations.

Recently I was out with my brother in Florida at a local Indian place. He knows me so well to take me out to an Indian food joint.

We had curry and Indian beer and had a great time.

Afterward just out of sheer impulse I said we should go look at this pawn shop near Largo where he lived. He went along and perhaps it was one too many beers.

We checked out this pawn shop and man it was a cool little hole in the wall place. They had stuff in every corner that was asking to be discovered.

They had old sports uniforms, ancient records, war posters. models airplanes and of course the usual jewelry and guns.

It is an interesting world of pawn shops. They meet a different clientele everyday that most people aren’t privy too.

While we were there a woman came in saying she needed to get food and a hotel room for her mom. She had several things that weren’t valuable so she eventually pawned her ring for $140 bucks.

I mean that isn’t stuff you see anywhere else except maybe a church.

I ended up buying a laptop. This one had a touch screen. Pretty neat.

I recommend everyone going into a pawn shop once in their life and get that exposure.

Also, try Indian food. It’s awesome.

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